An IBDP-2 Getaway to Aqua Safari Resort, Ada

Mar 4, 2019

As the mocks just ended and the final IBDP Exams are coming up for our graduating students this year, stress is definitely at an all-time peak!


This weekend all our Year 13 seniors along with the IBDP Team, went to the Aqua Safari Lodge in Ada, to have the opportunity to reflect. With the Year 13 students being at a very crucial point in their lives, reflecting on their journey and their future plans with their peers and mentors might just be what they needed. This trip especially facilitated this, considering they were away from their regular surroundings and they were able to bond with various group activities.

Over the weekend, the student went horse-riding, they rode on a boat, they swam and of course spent their time together with their friends and mentors in a fun-filled weekend. We hope they have come back rejuvenated for the big steps ahead of them.


Good Luck Year 13!