ARIS Cares Fund Recipients Awarded

Mar 22, 2019

 The 15th Anniversary Fundraising Gala Dinner is coming up this weekend, and we are gearing up and so excited for it. But wait, there’s more exciting things happening leading up to the night!

As you all may already know, this year’s theme was ARIS Cares, and in that honor, ARIS launched its ARIS Cares Fund. This is a fund that is allocated for projects that are contributing to the enrichment of our own and surrounding communities. This year, after a number of applications, we have picked 3 winners of the ARIS Cares Fund, for four projects -

Baiian Al-Sayyed won the ARIS Cares Fund for her Operation Smile Project, in which, along with the ARIS Cares Fund, she will be fundraising to pay for 10 cleft lip surgeries for children, under the Smile Fund of the Operation Smile.


Oorna Mukherjee is the second recipient of the ARIS Cares Fund to conduct a research paper on the paradigm shift towards inclusive education in Ghana’s international education sphere, through a case study.


Barbara Bilgre is the third recipient of the ARIS Cares Fund with two projects. One is for the empowerment of the migrant community at Achimota, and the second is to conduct Elephant research at Mole National Park.

We are so proud of all the recipients and their projects, and we can’t wait to see the outcome!