From the PYP Coordinator: The Learning Community

Mar 12, 2019

The learning community

We feel passion for our work,
We take pride in sharing our learning journey.
We like to celebrate our uniqueness and differences.
We believe that we can make the world a better place.
We strive to empower, inspire and transform.
This is WE, This is ARIS.

So we took this opportunity to welcome facilitators from an upcoming PYP school in Ghana. Ten facilitators from ‘Learning Skills’ visited ARIS to gather the how, why, when, who and which of the PYP. They visited the classrooms to witness inquiry in the PYP and later had a interaction with the ARIS PYP facilitators to discuss their queries further.

They also happen to witness student agency when a group of reception students came around taking a survey. They were inspired by the comfort level between student and teacher in the class and the independent learning and the confidence the students in ARIS exuded.

ARIS assured them all support ,and wishes ‘ Learning Skills’ for their learning journey in the PYP.