PYP African Art Exhibition

May 24, 2019

African Art is one of the expansive categories of Visual Arts in the world. This is a form of art that has greatly influenced how we perceive human individualism, cultural expression and representation, and visual abstraction. From the rich colors and symbols to the representation of female figures, to the personification of the African continent, the possibilities of expression are endless.

ARIS is a diverse community that values the multitude of cultures in our school, and the different forms of creative expression that they all bring. This morning, we hosted an African Art Exhibition where all the PYP Artwork, along the theme of African Art and the unit of "How We Express Ourselves", was exhibited.

From Recycled Art to Art Installations, to Masks and Symbols, to Wildlife Landscape Paintings and much more, our PYP Art Department has outdone themselves. Here, let's take a look!