PYP Students on the "Read for Life" Campaign

May 29, 2019

Our PYP Students, Olivia and Zara were on the Radio this morning promoting the Readwide "Read for Life" Campaign. This is not the first time that they are promoting this, they were also on the Breakfast Show on GTV prior to the Radio interview!

The ethos of this campaign is to cultivate, in parents, the habit of buying good books for their children to read to get into the habit of reading. As today's world gallops forward in new discoveries and groundbreaking discussions, it is the youth that needs to be at the forefront of it. Literacy is the greatest strength we have and it is one that can be nurtured through the habit of reading. Let's keep ourselves informed and educate ourselves and our future generations. "Read for Life" is essentially promoting education in light of the falling standards of education.

ARIS is a community that prides itself in its literary programme from a young age! Not only do we encourage reading throughout our coursework, we even have something known as "DEAR Day" (DEAR: Drop Everything and Read) to encourage the habit of reading from a young age, right from the Early Years. We are so proud of our students in taking the initiative to speak for this campaign!