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Secondary Parenting Talk: Wellbeing & Restorative Approach

Sep 9, 2019

Wellbeing is a state characterized by a good or satisfactory condition of existence in all aspects of life. ARIS as a school aims to bring up students who are not only thinkers and learners in the intellectual sense, but also students who are mentally, emotionally and socially fit to take on the world. Through a caring and balanced environment that the school provides, the intellectual, social and emotional growth of the students is enhanced and supported.

Our Head of Counseling and Support, Dr. Funke, held a Parenting Talk with parents at our Secondary School, last Friday, discussing Wellbeing and Restorative Approaches. Dr. Funke introduced the new personalized programme, the Personalized Wellbeing Model (PWM), which is a whole new approach to wellbeing and replaces the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

The PWM is a skill-based programme which aims at helping students to develop core skills, building on their resilience. The programme is sectioned into six modules; Me, Myself and I, Friendship and Relationships, Embracing Diversity, Health, Mind and Body, Me and My Future and Me and the World.

Me, Myself and I, touches on the authentic self and ego. It encompasses everything related to who we are as individuals, including our characteristics, our likes, and dislikes.

Friendship and Relationships talks about our relationship with other individuals which include our family, our friends, our relationship with the opposite sex and even our relationship with ourselves.

Embracing Diversity discusses our differences as individuals. Being an institution with a very diverse culture, it is our objective to bring our students to become as open-minded as they can be, so they are empowered to transform our world.

Health, Mind, and Body encompasses physical, mental and social development. Me and My Future discusses what we aim at achieving in the future and how we can achieve them. Me and the World touches on our lives in the real world, discussing global issues, social media and technology, and emotional intelligence. 

ARIS is dedicated to the utmost wellbeing of all our students and with the Personalized Wellbeing Model, we are confident that our students will develop to become well-rounded individuals who will transform our communities.