Bookworm Week - Libraries, The Vehicle of Life-long Learning

Feb 10, 2020

Throughout this week, students, parents and staff have been participating in activities to commemorate the ARIS Primary Bookworm Week Celebrations.

Bookworm Week is a week in ARIS where the community celebrates the power of books. This year’s week was themed, “Libraries, the Vehicle of Life-long Learning!”. The week kicked off with an Introduction and Presentation from the Primary Library on the importance of books and proper ways to keep them.

The week was full of activities from storytime sessions in the library and classrooms, by members of the ARIS Community (Parents, Staff and Senior Management), Poster competitions, Presentations by the Library on library resource care and many more!

Learning with everyone is one of our core values as a school, and this week’s activities were geared towards encouraging everyone in the ARIS Community to read-wide, as learning really never stops and the only way to ensure life-long learning is to read. A LOT!

Congratulations to all who participated in making this week a success, especially to the ARIS librarians, for putting together a great week in celebration of books! We are very inspired, empowered and transformed to read as much as we can to become the most knowledgeable people who will make a positive impact in our society!