PYP Year 1 Digital Integration - Seesaw Class

Feb 10, 2020

The 21st Century has seen the need for technological and digital literacy as the majority of activities that are run at home, work, hospitals and school have some aspect of technology to it. As an institution that looks into inspiring, empowering and transforming students, Al-Rayan International School makes every effort to integrate students digitally.

Exploring Seesaw Classroom, our students learned how to use the app to work in the classroom. They practiced signing in and signing out of the app, and how to draw using the drawing tool. In addition, they also learned how to upload their work onto the app.

The Seesaw App is a powerful tool that loops students, teachers, and parents in on the learning progress of the students. It empowers students to explore a number of tools, which makes them more creative in their thinking and also enforces the student agency as students are empowered and given the space for ownership and choice of their learning.