UA-MUNC 2019, Global Cooperation to Address Modern Challenges

Jan 16, 2020

UA-MUNC 2019, Global Cooperation to Address Modern Challenges!

The ARIS MUN is one of the many co-curricular clubs that run at the ARIS Secondary Campus. The aim of this club is to nurture students who are passionate about building a better, brighter, and safer world through intellectual and peaceful debates, discussions and conferences. As the name of the club suggests, it models the United Nations and its various arms, and it engages students in a way that they are pushed to stretch their awareness and knowledge on challenging global issues.

As part of the club’s activities, our students embarked on a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to take part in this year’s United Ambassador Model United Nations Conference ( UA-MUNC). The ARIS MUN Delegations included 24 able students and 3 chaperones, Mme. Dorinda, Mr. Ishmael and Mme. Fida. The conference ran from 27th November to 2nd December 2019.

All Aboard, Destination: Geneva!

Like any other trip, this one was met with a lot of excitement and anticipation. Not forgetting the stress of packing up and ensuring that everyone was adequately prepared for the trip. Our students arrived at the airport ready and prepared to take on the conference and also learn from their experience of the UA-MUNC 2019. With the help of Mme. Dorinda, Mme Fida and Mr. Ishmael the travel preparations, the actual travels, and layovers were smooth and stress-free.

Geneva and the UA-MUNC!

On arrival at Geneva, our students settled and delved right into the activities of the trip. The conference focused on the theme “Global Cooperation to Address Modern Challenges: Technology, Social Justice, Human Rights, and Quality Education as Prerequisites to Sustainable Global Development.” In the spirit of collaboration and communication which is part of the characteristics of a true ARIS student, our Eagles worked tirelessly in teams together with other students from other parts of the world, to bring out solutions regarding important modern challenges. The various roles in the conference, such as the Secretary-General, President, Chair and Members of various delegations, councils and committees taught our students the intricacies of being a good leader and a good follower and how to collaborate to come to a decision. At the end of the Conference, our students were given certificates of recognition and Al-Rayan International School was given the “ Outstanding Delegation Award”

Reflections From Some ARIS MUN Delegates.

“ One sentence to describe this experience, The greatest 10 days of my life!

There were so many moments where we all felt the need to run away from the words

consensus and ambassador, but that’s really one thing MUN gives you; the resilience to power through, to focus on the outcomes despite however challenging the process might be.”

“One of the incidents I would never forget is the opening speech made by a fellow

delegate during the opening ceremony, which really motivated me to find ways to improve my MUN skills. The conference educated me on the difference between the Model-UN and the actual UN. I was also given the opportunity to listen to many speakers who work with or in the UN which helped me realize that every single committee and every single SDGs are important to make our world a better place.”

“I truly will miss the family we created within the club once I graduate. We are united by the strongest bond of common interests, and it amazes me that these delegates debating by my side could potentially be diplomats or other important people of the future. This conference opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that would solve the world’s most pressing issues.”

The MUN is greatly encouraged in ARIS, as are the other co-curricular clubs, as they develop our students’ creativity, social and communication skills, and cognitive skills. It builds team spirit and our students are always highly inspired and empowered to transform for a better world!