ARIS Reviews: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Aug 13, 2021


Creativity and Innovation form an integral part of our core values as a school, and we apply this value especially, to almost every aspect of our journey as life-long learners. And thanks to this creativity, IBDP 1 Year 12 Eagle, Anahita Dhar
has officially started a book review, #ARISReviews!

The goal for this book review is to create a fun relatable way to encourage Eagles to read at least two books in a month, and at the end of each emojis will be used to describe how readers felt about the books. The emojis for the reviews will be ☀ for spectacular, ? for adequate and? for disappointing.

#ARISReview by Anahita Dhar is going to be a journey worth taking and all eagles are encouraged to jump on the book-reading wagon! Let's be Inspired, Empowered and Transformed for a better world!