Out O' the Inkwell: Life as an Animator

Jan 5, 2021

Out O' the Inkwell: Life as an Animator!

What does life as an animator look like? Is it stressful? Is it exciting? Out O' the Inkwell, a short animated film will definitely answer all those questions for you!

Created by ARIS Class of 2017 Alumnus, Adam Toutoungi, and friend, Andy Ortiz, 3 years ago in a little dorm room at the Savannah College of Arts and Design, Out O' the Inkwell seeks to explore the journey of becoming an animator. These two creatives aim to inspire other creatives, especially animators like themselves, to keep working hard at their craft in the midst of all the hardships and struggles that they would encounter in their journey.

The 2D/3D Hybrid Animation is the final thesis project for Adam and Andy, who already have about 13 animators working together to see this project to a successful end. However, in order to ensure that the project is complete and of excellent quality, there is a need to hire various professionals. Professionals include composers, voice actors and sound effect artists.

As a community, we would like to encourage all our Eagles to support our Alumni and this project by donating generously to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/out-o-the-inkwell-animated-shortfilm#/

You can check out the progress of the animation on their social media pages, that is, Instagram @out_o_the_inkwell and on Twitter @OInkwell.

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