PYP Exhibition 2021 - How We Express Ourselves

Jun 4, 2021

After months of preparation, mentoring, contributions, donations, recording and collaboration, the PYP Exhibition 2021 took place in a virtual event today!

The PYP Exhibition is the final collaborative work, where students express themselves in any means to talk about real life global issues that they are passionate about and take actions toward contributing to solving these issues.
The exhibition is a great way for students to show the various skills they have developed throughout their PYP Journey and it is also a time to reflect on all the learning they have gone through.

For this year's PYP Exhibition the PYP Year 6 Eagles focused on five topics; Gender Discrimination, Poverty, Racism, Bullying and Pollution.

The groups all had websites dedicated to their projects and these websites showcased all the work they put into their project. Donations were raised by Team Poverty who donated the proceeds to Palace Gold School located in Kasoa.

The virtual exhibition included breakout rooms via zoom where the group presented their projects and answered questions from parents who joined the meeting.

We are proud of all the hard work and action that the Eagles took and put into this Exhibition. Keep Inspiring, Empowering and Transforming for a better world.