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ARIS 1 Year Later, a PSA Covid-19 Reflection Forum

It has been a long hard year since COVID-19 hit the world, and it is a time of reflection for the entire ARIS Community. Students and staff reflected on the changes they had to go through and how they were resilient through these trying times. It is time for the ARIS PSA to reflect on the last year and in doing that, a virtual reflection forum was held today.

Led by the Director of ARIS, Dr. Fatma, and the ARIS School Counselor, Dr. Funke, the parents of Al-Rayan reflected on the fact that the community worked together as a team and that was one of the determining factors in the ARIS during Covid success story.

Parents talked not only about the positive part of last year but also the negative. Of course, there were times when things got really tough, but as Dr. Fatma used to say during lockdown "May the Values be with you". The ARIS Core Values of Change for Everyone, and core characteristics of Communication and Collaboration, Passion and Mindfulness, Reflection and Action guided parents to resilience, and to ensure that they were equipped to support the Eagles, even as the school did their part virtually.

In conclusion, the past year though tough and difficult, the Eagles stayed flying through it all, and we could not be any prouder of them. May the Values definitely be with you!