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Sep 29, 2021

Gender Discrimination

You may wonder, what is gender inequality? Miral: Gender inequality is when both genders are not treated equally. Maame: Gender inequality is when genders are not being treated equally and do not get equal opportunities. Stephanie: Gender inequality is when a gender is not being treated fairly and does not get equal roles and opportunities. Why do you think this happens?


Meet the Team

Welcome to the bullying exhibition website! We are a group of inquirers who met for a reason. We strongly believe that Bullying is a serious issue that affects people in many ways and are willing to make a difference in our school and world. On this website, we will highlight the most important parts of our exhibition process and share important information on Bullying and how to prevent it.


After researching about Poverty, and its causes and effects, now we are at the action stage of our exhibition and we want to get into Service Learning by raising funds and collecting items to make a donation to a school in Kasoa which provides education for poor students. We have started the learning engagement by sharing leaflets to others, creating posters, and created our own donation boxes managed by us. We are going to do everything in our possibilities to reduce poverty. Thank you.


Do you know, in Europe and America, coloured people are more likely to get arrested than white people? Also, black people are stopped six times more than white people in white dominated regions. Additionally, in Europe, many patients are not allowing Asian doctors and nurses to treat them during this pandemic. In view of this, our group was interested in researching and inquiring into possible ways of ending this canker, to make everyone accepted and given the same opportunities regardless of our skin colour. Although our race and colours are different, we are one.

One may ask, what is pollution? After critical group discussions and deliberation, many explanations of pollution were arrived at. These were merged into one main paragraph: Pollution is the release of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, plastic waste, oil spills that are exposed to the environment causing various dire consequences. Some of the consequences are cancer, asthma, landfills, deforestation, illegal mining (galamsey), destruction of aquatic life and habitat, fetal deformation, destruction of the food chain, and many more.

What can we do to CONTROL these problems?

On this website, you will find the causes, effects and possible solutions to this menace facing the world.