Creativity, Passion and Art: An MYP 5 Art Class

Mar 26, 2021

Ever wondered what goes into the creation of the exquisite art pieces produced by our Eagles? Well, you are in luck, because this here, is a typical day in an MYP 5 Year 11 Art Class.

Projects are often started early on in the semester, with facilitators and students discussing various concepts of Art, and putting those concepts and themes into practice by working on art pieces. In class, students are encouraged to be innovative, creative and think outside the box.

How do they get these creative juices flowing?

Inquiry, research, and as they work in class some background music, to keep them relaxed and focused on their work. With a few strokes of paintbrushes and a plethora of colors used, a masterpiece is created. Thus, artworks are created from the creativity, innovation and passion of both our facilitators and students!