Service to Everyone - Madina Islamic School IBDP 2 CAS Project

Mar 29, 2021

Typically CAS projects are meant to motivate the Creative, Action and Service aspects of an IB students' learning journey, and as an IB Continuum School, our DP Eagles are extremely involved in their Projects.

In light of this, a group of IBDP 2 Year 13 Eagles have successfully completed their project, which was to renovate the library of the Madina Islamic School. Paying ode to one of our core values which are "Service to Everyone", these eagles decided to revamp the library as they believe that "a library is a place where students can get inspired and empowered enough to always have the need to be inquirers and risk-takers in their learning journey."

To achieve this feat, donations were made towards this cause in cash and kind from the ARIS Community, and the students went on to create a beautiful space for the underprivileged children of the Madina Islamic School.

When asked for any reflections on how the project went, they said that they learned that "the power of working collaboratively and with hard work, comes great results". They were also grateful to be privileged in all aspects of their lives, and that privilege must definitely be shared with the world!