IBCP Business Students in the Dragons' Den

Nov 23, 2021

The ARIS IBCP Business Students took part in a special event, the Dragons' Den, created for them to experience the world of ideas and products and also the art of pitching.

This event gave the Eagles an opportunity to explore the ARIS Community and identify certain problems, coming up with real-life solutions and creating a business out of these solutions. The goal of this activity is to simply challenge the IBCP 2 Year 13 Eagles to expand their knowledge and imaginations outside the scope of the classroom, and allow them to come up with creative business and marketing ideas.

This activity calls upon a lot of skills that the students have developed over the years such as research skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, self management skills and time management skills. The Eagles, 9 in number, all
came up with ideas ranging from transportation services to catering, construction, wellbeing, technological services and even virtual reality to try and tackle various problems faced by the school.

Why Dragons' Den? A group of 5 Dragons (panel of judges) was present to judge and question all the business ideas presented by the eagles, and also give suggestions and feedback on what could be done better or what should be taken out.

The students were really impressive taking each other on, pitch by pitch, applying practically all the ARIS Core Values and Characteristics and giving it their absolute best. It was a very exciting event and indeed, the future is bright.
Transformation is near, and the IBCP 2 Year 13 Business students will definitely take the world by storm!

Winners will be announced in due course, but for now, Congratulations to all the Eagles who participated. Keep inspiring, empowering and transforming for a better world