TISMUN 2021 Virtual Conference

Oct 28, 2021

For this year’s virtual Model United Nations conference hosted by Tema International School, ARIS had twenty delegates participating from Year 7 - Year 12. Over a period of three days, delegates were engaged in deliberations over a range of topics from equality for women and children with disabilities to the use of cryptocurrency.

Chairs and co-hairs within each committee did a fantastic job of supporting first-time delegates with the rules of procedure and other technical areas, making students more comfortable with proceedings on day 2.

We are proud of all ARIS MUN students who participated in TISMUN; their effort, research, and collaboration with other delegates is highly commendable, especially for all our first-time delegates. We would also like to acknowledge the hard work of Abir Karroum and Sahil Daryanani for receiving honourable mentions for their contribution to deliberations in the Security Council and General Assembly, respectively.

Aaraisha Sood (Best delegate, WHO)

I would like to begin by thanking Ms. Dorinda Tham and Mr. Fredrick Oppong-Boadi for their insightful comments, support, and guidance. I got the wonderful opportunity to represent Australia in the WHO at the recently held TISMUN conference. In the three-day conference, the committee handled two very pertinent and important topics concerning the health of civilians all over the world. The two topics were: Establishing Preventative and Preparatory Protocols for Epidemics & Pandemics and Accessing the Potential for Genetically Modified Foods to offer Food Security.


Through this conference, I was able to understand the world around Model UN. It was a great opportunity to enhance my public speaking skills and provided me with the perfect portal through which I could boost my confidence. Through this program, I got to enhance my debating skills as I got to debate with other delegates upon controversial questions, resolutions, and points that arose throughout the vigorous research conducted. If I'd have to pick one IB learner profile that I discovered myself utilizing and developing all around the conference would be knowledgeable. TISMUN gave me the chance to understand and further research the topics of discussion. I got to understand the stance of each country and appreciate the diverse perspectives that were brought to the committee. Furthermore, I got to understand and acknowledge all the events that have and are happening around the world as we speak. As the delegate of Australia, I got to question their existence and produce solutions through teamwork alongside other allied delegates. TISMUN was an experience worth spending every second on and I’m very glad and honored that I got to be part of it.