EYP/PYP Parents Orientation for New and Returning Parents

Aug 6, 2022

On Friday 5th August and Saturday 6th August, New families and Returning Families joined a series of orientations both virtually and face to face, the agenda, officially introducing them to ARIS and the programme we run, the IB.

For the returning families it was a great refresher to get updated with the aims of the school, the ethos, and any programme updates they must've missed. On the other hand, the new families had a great introduction to the International Baccalaureate, the vision and mission of the school, and many more.

To make the orientation interactive, lively, and fun the Head of the Primary School engaged the parents in some collaborative activities, question boards, and Kahoot games among others.

It was also a perfect opportunity for parents to meet and connect with each other. To all our new families, this is a family that soars, and we welcome you with open arms!

Get ready to Inspire, Empower and Transform for a better world!