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PSA Coffee Morning: Connect With Community

It's been about two years since COVID-19 hit the world and turned everything upside down and we as an institution were no exception.We were affected in diverse ways, with a major one being in the Parent Student Association (PSA) which was one of the avenues for parents to connect to the school community.

Thankfully, we successfully overcame COVID-19, and it is time to reconnect.

The PSA, under the leadership of their new executives, held a coffee morning today, at the ARIS Block B MPH, to re-introduce the association, and its purpose and to connect. The meeting, which ran from 08:15 AM to 09:30 AM, started off with parents warming up with some beverages and snacks offered by Paloma Hotel, and some minutes of catching up with each other.

Present at the meeting was Dr. Fatma the Director of ARIS, who welcomed the parents once again to an experience of reconnection and community of support in our quest to inspire empower and transform

The parents, led by the executives, went through the agenda of the day from introducing the new executives to learning about the purpose of the PSA, key events like PSA BBQ and PSA International Day, which will be coming up on the 22/23 Academic Year and many more.

A total of about 45 parents were in attendance with the mums being the majority present at the meeting. The dads were also present and we hope to have more representation from them in the days to come.

We are back to connect with the community and we can only be successful with all hands on board. We encourage all parents to be involved and we cannot wait to see what the PSA has in store for the Year!

Akwaaba once again PSA!

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