ARIS IBCP Students Rank 7th in Business Olympics Secondary School (BOSS)

Feb 15, 2022

Three of ARIS IBCP students, (from left) Jaimin Akoliya, Omar Halimi and Zain Abbas, took part in BOSS Competition (BUSINESS OLYMPICS FOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS) organised by Revas Business Simulation Games in November/December 2021. According to REVAS C.E.O, The main aim of the competition was to form appropriate business attitudes in secondary school students from around the world. From 46 countries around the world, 95 teams competed against each other for the titles of the best managers titles.
The participants have been managing their own virtual travel agencies for 7 virtual months. During this time, they played 7 rounds, making realistic business decisions and testing various strategies for introducing services to the market. Virtual managers have been competing in 11 virtual markets adjusted to the time zones of their schools.

ARIS IBCP students did well and worked hard every week to manage their business and keep among the top 10. At the end of the competition, the ARIS team (JZO) ranked
7th out of 95 teams from around the world.