MYP Completion Ceremony 2022

Jun 4, 2022
The MYP 5 Year 11 Eagles have officially completed their journey in the MYP with ARIS!

And what a journey it has been!

In a very simple, yet meaningful completion ceremony, the Eagles were issued certificates to commemorate this great feat. The IB being a rigorous programme shapes students at all stages of their learning journeys making them very holistic, open-minded people who are sure to make a change in this world!

The ceremony was graced with the presence of the Director of the School, Dr. Fatma Odaymat, the SMTs, parents and students! Musical and dance performances by students of the school gave it a touch of entertainment. What's an ARIS Completion Ceremony without speeches? Speeches were read by facilitators who had been with these students throughout their MYP journey, as well as speeches from the MYP 5 Class representative, who assured the entire school community that they were ready and equipped with all the skills they need to face the next chapter of their lives, IBDP/ IBCP.

Congratulations once again MYP Eagles! Greater things are ahead of you!