21/22 Secondary ARISVersity Wraps Up Sessions for the Year with ATL Skills

Mar 16, 2022

It's been a great year of lifelong learning with the Secondary ARIS Parents, as they come to a close to their ARISVersity Sessions for the Year.

For their final module, they inquired into ATL Skills, with the Modern Language Head of Department, and ATL Coordinator, Mme Boudour Obeid.

What are ATL Skills?

These are approaches to learning skills that are required to ensure success in whatever endeavor one takes up, especially in the IB curriculum. It is very important to hone the skills which include, Self-Management Skills, Time-Management Skills, Research Skills, Critical Thinking Skills and Communication skills.

Parents were taken through various scenarios of how to develop and use these skills and took part in practical activities demonstrating these skills.

We are so proud of all the parents that joined in all the ARISVersity Sessions. You are an inspiration to us all in your quest for life long learning, we are hoping you are continuously inspired, empowered and transformed for a better world!