Digital Danger: A Parent Webinar

Mar 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered how much screen time is too much screen time?

What parenting hacks can help you monitor your child's screen use?

Today, these questions amongst others, were answered during the Digital Danger Webinar, held for ARIS parents, by the Wellbeing and IT Department!

This webinar, organized by PYP Counselor and Art Therapist, Mme Sarah, and the ARIS IT Manager, Mme Nausheen, touched on ways parents can navigate raising their children in this digital age.

Thanks to COVID-19 students have had to rely on their devices to study, and with time, have become addicted to the screens. As parents, we are entreated to be more active participants, rather than passive participants, when it comes to technology and children, and these can be done in various ways such as watching movies together with children, discussing what was watched, encouraging students to exercise, and stretch using useful apps, encouraging students to use their time on screen to talk and bond with loved ones, and most importantly, use these screen times for homework and research or reading.

Prolonged screen time is detrimental to students' development, and as parents, we are encouraged to help our students and even ourselves to reduce the time spent on screen and use the time spent for a beneficial cause, to ensure holistic wellbeing of body, mind and heart!