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PSA 22/23 Welcome BBQ GrillandChill

Its been two years since the ARISPSA organized a BBQ/fundraiser event due to COVID. The BBQ has been a long-awaited event that brings ARIS's families and friends together to have fun and raise funds.

It's a PSA BBQ worth looking forward to after days of planning and hard work, and it's finally here! The "ARISPSA" and "PSA BBQ" occurred at the ARIS campus on Saturday, 24 September 2022.

The event was the PSA's official welcome to new and returning families, an excellent way to connect as a community and build up the ARIS Eagle Spirit. The PSA BBQ planning committee comprises parents, students and staff who worked diligently in diverse ways but as a team to make the BBQ a success.

These parents volunteered their time, provided dishes and sponsored the event with other internal and external sponsors and donors, such as Orca deco, McVities, SilverStar Auto, Absa, IRANI Brothers and others ltd company.

The day started with sponsors and vendors arriving at the ARIS campus and setting up with very well-displayed items from McVities, Kidsville, Orca deco, Coca-Cola, Bliss Family Entertainment, The box concept, Paloma hotel, Telefonika, Haya's jewellery, Malika honey, Juju eye kloding, Kenzoly Maison de couture, Yeco artworks, Lotus Gallery, Carlin stationery, Mirada collections, Nature brew, Mind Snacks, Skin glam, La Belle by Ghada and many others with some volunteering students positioned at their allocated booths and roles (ushering, selling tickets, assisting vendors etc.).

The grills were hot, and the aroma in the atmosphere was heavenly, with very well-grilled meat and chicken, cotton candy and popcorn in the mix, whetting The appetite of everyone whilst dealing with this lovely flavour. An Acrobatic dance group displayed some great acrobatic moves that received loud applause from audiences, which filled their faces with broad smiles.

There were many other fun activities and games such as Football, Kid's Dance performances, Zumba Flashmob, Bouncy castle etc. The PSA also provided free food and snacks. The PSA sold Raffle tickets with amazing prizes from a "Lucky draw".

The Lucky Draw prizes were a Gift Voucher from MAC Cosmetics of Ghc500, a voucher for American Breakfast from Theia Café, a set of backpack + Lunch Box from The Box Concept, four(4) times free entries voucher from Bliss Entertainment, a Headphone from Telefonica, a Voucher for P4 Pilates Group Reformer Session; a Gift Hamper from Fairway Supermarket, a Voucher for a Hot Stone Massage (for 1) from Niobe Spa, an entry voucher for two (2) people from C Resort, a Gift Hamper from Yves Rocher, a Voucher of Deep Tissue Massage (for 2) from Niobe Spa, a Headphone from Telefonica, a shopping voucher worth Ghc2,500 from Orca, a Music surround System from Shree Balaji Ltd, a Voucher of Deep Tissue Massage (for 2) from Niobe Spa, One Night Stay at Kempinski Hotel, Accra, a shopping voucher worth Ghc10,000 from Orca. All winners of the Lucky Draw received their rewards the same day; the ARISPSA, PSA BBQ was a successful event with happy Eagles jumping on the bouncy castle, families sitting and eating together, music and dancing, cheer and merry-making and not forgetting Grills up all day.