Can you Feel it? PYP Year 5 STEM

Nov 28, 2022

Can you feel it? The engineers of our #PYP Year 5 class designed anti-seismic building structures using simple materials such as sticks and playdough. They incorporated structural engineering notions such as cross-bracin...

Let's Go Black Stars!

Nov 24, 2022

When you’re a fan ? of your country??, it’s hard to choose just one color among ??Ghana Black Stars Jerseys and Red, Yellow and Green. The #Eagles turned out today in full fan gear to show their ❤️ ? ? for th...

PYP ARISVersity: Module 3 Assessment

Nov 24, 2022

Our lifelong learners in today's ARISVersity module 3 on "Assessments" looked into the following: What is assessment? Why do we assess? Types of assessments, Assessment Tracking and Tools to meet the diverse community of...

Secondary ARISVersity Module 3 IB Core MYP/DP/CP

Nov 22, 2022

Parents learned the value of ATL Skills in the third module of the ARISVersity Session and how they aid students in preparing for and demonstrating learning through meaningful assessment.ARIS is dedicated to teaching our...

PYP Year 5 Summative Assessment

Nov 21, 2022

A summative assessment was given to our Year 5 students after their technological inquiry unit! They had to create a thing, give it a name, and explain what it does, its attributes, and how it works. The world is becomin...

PYP Year 1 Run and Jump into Coding

Nov 21, 2022

SpriteBox is a unique puzzle platformer, a mix of exploration and learning to code. The students learn Spritebox programming, follow instructions to advance through unique worlds, and help free Sprite's bottled-up friend...

PYP Nursery Art: Celebration Hats

Nov 21, 2022

Kids love to be creative, so the PYP Nursery students couldn't wait to add glue and paper colours to their celebration hats! Time to be creative!

PYP Investiture Ceremony 2022

Nov 19, 2022

Demonstrating leadership and modelling positive values, the PYP SRC students took their official ARIS SRC roles and responsibilities seriously as they participated in the Investiture Opening Flag Ceremony. We're proud to...