Exploring the Wonders of Water: PYP Year 1 Students Dive into STEM Learning

May 9, 2023

Our PYP Year 1 students are diving into the fascinating world of STEM as they learn about the different forms of water: liquids, solids, and gases! Through hands-on experiments and interactive activities, they discover s...

What Time is it? PYP Year 2 Knows!

May 8, 2023

Our PYP Year 2 students are so excited to learn the skill of telling time! By identifying the hour and minute hands, they can now tell time.

PYP Bites The Power of Reflection

May 7, 2023

ARIS PYP Bite session will teach you about the Power of Reflection. 

PYP Bites Student Led Conferences

May 7, 2023

ARIS PYP Bite Student Led Conference in the PYP.

A Sound of Music! ARIS PSA School Song Workshop

May 6, 2023

The best part about the weekend was capturing the creative energy of ARIS PSA, students and staff during the "Creative Song Writing Workshop."  The participants came together to brainstorm a song for ARIS. A massive...

PYP Year 5 Explore Density in Matter STEM

May 4, 2023

Our PYP Year 5 students had a blast exploring Density in Matter during their STEM session. They used measuring scales and everyday objects to test how many helium balloons it took to lift different items and determine if...

Spring is Here! PYP Nursery Create Flowers

May 3, 2023

Spring has arrived! The PYP Nursery students are making these gorgeous flowers using glue sticks, cardboard paper, and paper leaves. We love seeing their imagination and creativity skills flourish