PYP STEM Balloon Powered Cars

Apr 28, 2023

PYP Year 2 students have created these amazing balloon-powered racing cars. They have taken their knowledge of wheels, axles, and potential energy to the next level. 

Playgroup Car Wash

Apr 28, 2023

Our Playgroup had a blast doing a car wash! The kids were excited and did a fantastic job using sponges, water and soap. They built their vocabulary, in this case, about car parts, shapes and numbers! 

EYP Bubbles Bubble and more Bubbles

Apr 28, 2023

Bubbles! We had a blast with bubble play with our EarlyYears, learning about how bubbles work and how to make them. 

Do Plants Breathe? PYP Year 1 Finds Out!

Apr 24, 2023

Our PYP Year 1 Eagles investigate by taking action and examining a leaf in water in a STEM activity to test if plants do breathe. The observe the leaf underwater with a magnifying glass.

PYP Bites ATL Skills

Apr 21, 2023

ARIS PYP Bites! ATL skills in the PYP, The five categories learn how to learn, thinking, self-management, communication and research skills. You've got ATL skills; now take them to the next level. 

PYPX Deforestation Group Presents to Year 3

Apr 21, 2023

Year PYP Exhibition students raised awareness with the PYP Year 3. They presented their finding on the impact of deforestation and ended it with a Kahoot quiz.  Let's protect our planet! 

ARIS Boys HS Football VS Madina Cluster

Apr 20, 2023

Our Boys did it again! Another game, another win for our amazing Football Varsity team against the Madina Cluster with a score of 6:4. Our team is on fire and we couldn't be more proud of them. 

ARIS Chess Club Online Tournament with Cairo Chess Academy

Apr 20, 2023

Every Chess Master started as a beginner. ARIS Chess Club is excited to announce our first online chess tournament with Cairo Chess Academy; it was a great game and a greater learning experience. Stay tuned for more to c...