Crazy Hair Day with PYP Eagles

Dec 15, 2021

No one does crazy hair day better than the PYP!Today, creativity met fun as the PYP Eagles and Staff came to school with crazy hair. From ribbons to bows and braids, and of course colours and hair dyes, crazy hair day wa...

ARIS SRC Spirit Week - Uniform Remix Day

Dec 15, 2021

Uniform Remix Day had Secondary Eagles coming in with a lot of cool things to accessorize their uniforms!Did you ever think you could dye a piece of cloth with Tea? Well Uniform Remix day had the eagle go above and beyon...

PSA Connects! Parent Destress Yoga Session with Eli

Dec 15, 2021

Today, the PSA held a yoga session in the Primary Gym, for parents.The goal of this session was to create a more relaxing environment other than a school meeting, where parents can meet and interact and get to know each...

ARIS SRC Spirit Week - Twins Day

Dec 14, 2021

It's Day 2 of Spirit Week and today the Eagles are coming dressed as twins.Pairing up with friends, the eagles came dressed alike and yes, we were impressed! Definitely can't hide the Eagle Pride!

Journey to Mamma Mia: Throwback to Moana!

Dec 14, 2021

As we are getting closer and closer to premiere day of Mamma Mia, we would like to take you all back on a trip down memory lane, to 2017, where the ARIS Secondary Eagles presented a beautiful adaptation of Disney's Moana...

Journey to Mamma Mia: Throwback to Sarafina

Dec 14, 2021

Journey to Mamma Mia: Throwback to SarafinaFrom Moana, to Sarafina in 2018, the creativity and enthusiasm of the ARIS Secondary eagles and directors intensified, and they gave us a brilliant show!

Journey to Mamma Mia: Throwback to Greatest Showman!

Dec 14, 2021

And to the greatest show just yet!The adaptation of the Greatest Showman, performed in 2019 blew our minds! We definitely have more in store for you though with this year's production! Watch out for Mamma Mia, performed...

ARIS SRC Presents: Secondary Spirit Week 2021

Dec 13, 2021

The last week of school is definitely the best time for an ARIS Spirit Week!For the last week of the 2021/2022 first semester, from 13th December 2021 to 17th December, the ARIS Secondary SRC has planned a fun-packed wee...