Year 13 CAS DIY Jewellery

Oct 26, 2022

CAS Year 13 Eagles sell handmade DIY Jewellery Club items at the ARIS Cares Wednesday Market, with student vendors raising money for a good cause! 

ARIS Cares Monthly Market October

Oct 26, 2022

Wednesday ARIS Cares  Monthly Market is back with a fantastic lineup of vendors, including La Boul, Green Butterfly Market, Nkoala, Natures Brew, and more!

ARIS Alumni Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!

Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to the ARIS Alumni network. At ARIS, relationships don't end with graduation. Whether you graduated last year or four years ago, ARIS alumni are 'Eagles for Life,' and we invite you to stay connected. #Eagles4Lif...

Think Fast! Year 6 STEM Activity

Oct 25, 2022

A fun STEM experiment in PYP Year 6 where we challenged our brains to read words in different colours and how fast our reflexes can be in catching a dropped ruler!

MYP 5 Personal Project Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness

Oct 25, 2022

ARIS MYP Eagle is using her ATL skills to educate the community. She is helping them understand sign language and how the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities can use it. 

Secondary ARISVersity Module 2 Deep Dive into ATL Skills

Oct 25, 2022

Secondary ARISVersity, the Parents University! Parents deep dive into understanding the ATL skills in Module 2. 

PYP Year 1 STEM Lightbot-hour of Code

Oct 25, 2022

Our Lightbot-hour of code program is a quiz program that helps Year 1 Eagles learn computational thinking by solving puzzles. These STEM activities develop critical thinking skills.

PYP Mandarin Language

Oct 24, 2022

Using the language, our PYP Year 6 Eagles inquire and develop various linguistic skills and a basic understanding of Chinese culture during this interactive session. Learning Mandarin has never felt so easy!