Drop-off with Map

Aug 7, 2021

Pick-up with Map

Aug 7, 2021

Primary and Secondary Facilitators Reflection Meeting

Aug 2, 2021

Marking the beginning of yet another thrilling year at ARIS full of learning with everyone, our determined PYP, MYP, IBCP and IBDP faculty came together for a brainstorming session on how to further improve our student&r...

Congratulations to our IBDP Students on their May 2021 Examination Results!

Jul 23, 2021

Congratulations to our IB students on their May 2021 examination results!Al-Rayan International School is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievement of this year’s cohort for the IB DP May 2021 examination sessi...

ARIS PYP Exhibition 2021 Ed Talks

Jun 29, 2021

Ed Talk 1Ed Talk 2Ed Talk 3 #PYPX2021 

ARIS PYP Exhibition 2021 Gender Discrimination

Jun 29, 2021

Though we are only females, we chose Gender Discrimination as we believe that all must be treated equally.Our Website

ARIS PYP Exhibition 2021 Bullying

Jun 29, 2021

Welcome to the bullying exhibition team! We are a group of inquirers who met for a reason. We strongly believe that Bullying is a serious issue that affects people in many ways and are willing to make a difference in our...