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Secondary Handbook

Code of Conduct

ARIS promotes the principle that no one has the right to interfere selfishly with other people, other people’s property and other people’s time. ARIS encourages an attitude of individual responsibility to the...

Security Policy

Some say we live in a dangerous world. Whatever is the case, a sound education cannot proceed in a context of fear.A concern for the safety and wellbeing of students, therefore, underpins all aspects of life at ARIS. If...

Visitors & Security

The management of visitors is a fundamental part of ARIS security policy for safeguarding and protecting both people and property.A visitor to the campus is defined as any person who is not a student or a staff member of...

Daily Schedule

A normal school day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) is scheduled as follows:Start TimeFinish TimeEvent / Duration07.35 –07.50Faculty Briefing (15 minutes)07.50 –08.00Homeroom (10 minutes)08.00 –08.4...

Daily Departure/Dismissal

Parents should ensure that students are picked up punctually. A youngster may be stressed (and those adults still waiting on campus!) if s/he is wondering why there has been a deviation from the routine arrangement.If ap...

Students On Campus Unsupervised

In general, unsupervised students must not be on campus before or after the school day or during weekends. Senior students may be allowed to be on campus outside of these times or during holidays to use the art or music...

Punctuality / Lateness

Punctuality is expected from all members of the school. Punctuality is a tacit demonstration of courtesy, a mark of respect for others, and is evidence of the ability to plan and organise oneself and one’s commitme...

Homework and Stationery

Homework is an integral element of learning, and it should be enjoyable. It should be completed in the evening of every instructional day, for it plays an important role in reinforcing, and even anticipating, the work co...

Mobile Phones: Acceptable Use Policy (Students)

Mobile phones should be used responsibly. This Acceptable Use Policy is designed to ensure that potential issues involving mobile phones can be clearly identified and addressed, ensuring that the benefits that mobile phones provide (such as increased safety) can continue to be enjoyed by our students.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Only one thing matters: SafetyIn the event of a fire or any other emergency necessitating urgent evacuation of the Secondary School building, students must:Immediately stop whatever they are doingLeave all possessions ex...